Old Swiss Inn Favorites

Raclette Party Kit (good for 4)

With this kit you won’t have to buy a bottle of pickled onions and just use half of it. We give you all that you need so you don’t have to hunt for specific ingredients. No Raclette machine required.


1 packet Raclette cheese (400g)

1 packet baby pickled onions

1 packet boiled baby potatoes

1 packet pickles

1 packet paprika

To see the instructions, please click here.

Swiss Cheese Fondue Kit

We’ve broken down Old Swiss Inn’s authentic Swiss Cheese fondue to simple steps so anyone can enjoy it at home. No fondue pot required.


1 packet Swiss cheese

1 packet spice

1 tub bread cubes

1 packet white wine

1 packet finishing spice

To see the instructions, please click here.

Reuben Sandwich Kit

Old Swiss Inn’s famous corned beef and their homemade sauerkraut and Pinkie’s Farm’s smoked scamorza make this Reuben a notch above all others.

To see instructions, click here.


1 packet Pinkie’s Farm Smoked Scamorza Cheese

1 packet paprika spice

1 packet Old Swiss Inn sliced Corned Beef

1 packet Old Swiss Inn’s homemade sauerkraut

Rye bread

1 packet Russian dressing

1 packet butter

Hot Pastrami Sandwich Kit

Brined, seasoned, smoked and steamed… pastrami is corned beef levelled up!
Pastrami is best eaten HOT and steaming, with a simple smear (or schmear) of mustard.

To see instructions, click here.


1 packet Pastrami

1 packet Mustard

Rye bread

1 packet butter

Homemade dill pickles

Beef Fondue Kit

What makes this fondue so entertaining is NOT the cubes of beef sputtering away in the oil but the gazillions of combinations you can come up with using our condiments!

Fries and fondue stand are not included

To see instructions, click here.


Approximately 300g beef tenderloin

500ml oil

Condiments: curry mayo, gherkins, pearl onions, mushroom gravy, roasted tomato sauce, marmalade mayo, mustard mayo, paprika sauce, spiced soy sauce, aioli, Russian sauce, pepper sauce

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