Charred Tomatoes And Chilled Yogurt

Yotam Ottolenghi’s recipe for Charred Tomatoes with Chilled Yogurt does what any good recipe should do: make the ingredients shine. Here he brings out the sweetness of the tomatoes and garlic by roasting and charring them, and combines this with chilled yogurt so you get the contrasting temperatures. We got the original recipe from TheContinue reading “Charred Tomatoes And Chilled Yogurt”

Strawberry Crostata

We loved this recipe by Jeff Mauro from the Food Network. He uses strawberry jam instead of mixing sugar to level up the “strawberriness” of this crostata. And if that wasn’t enough, he serves it with, you guessed it, strawberry ice cream (in our case, Pinkie’s Farm Strawberrific Frozen Yogurt). Here’s the link to theContinue reading “Strawberry Crostata”

Spicy Lobster Pasta by David Tanis

This recipe by David Tanis of NYT Cooking starts out with “This dish is a little fiddly….”. Well, the reason it’s fiddly is because it assumes you have to make your own lobster stock from scratch. Well, you get to skip this whole part with our Made-From-Scratch Lobster Stock! After this, the rest of theContinue reading “Spicy Lobster Pasta by David Tanis”

Pasta Amatriciana inspired by Marcella Hazan

Fearless Apron Ingredient: Mesquite Bacon The classic pasta for this is bucatini, but we only had spaghetti on hand so that’s what we used. The magic here lies in the simmering of the sauce which resulted in deeper flavors. Instead of pancetta which is what is traditionally used, we used our Mesquite bacon for theContinue reading “Pasta Amatriciana inspired by Marcella Hazan”

Shrimp Scampi With Orzo

Fearless Apron Ingredient: Made-From-Scratch Prawn Stock “It’s so good! Used one pack of Made-From-Scratch Prawn Stock which I’m sure made this extra tasty and made the orzo more orangey than the scampi in the NYT Cooking photo! And it’s so easy to make. Used Barilla Risoni from Santis. Super duper saraaap!!” That was the raveContinue reading “Shrimp Scampi With Orzo”

BLT Tacos By Melissa Clark

Fearless Apron Ingredient: Mesquite Bacon Riffing off the classic BLT, Melissa Clark of the New York Times creates the BLT Taco! Imagine the flavors of the BLT shining though without the distraction of bread. A warm toasted tortilla, tomatoes jazzed up into a salsa, and a spicy Chipotle-zinged mayonnaise brings the BLT to a newContinue reading “BLT Tacos By Melissa Clark”

Onion Soup By Risa Regala

The secret to any robust soup is its base. While most recipes and chefs call for beef or chicken stock, most of us don’t have the time to prepare stock from scratch (spending hours and hours waiting for the liquid to reduce and develop its deep flavors). We mortals usually go for the quick-fix: theContinue reading “Onion Soup By Risa Regala”