Kits For Kids

Pizza Kit

Have the fun without the hassle! Most pizza doughs come flattened and rolled out. Where’s the fun in that? Get your and your kids’ hands into the dough and make your pizza truly yours. Complete with pizza sauce, cheese, and bacon, but you are very welcome to add more of your own toppings. 

To take a look at the instructions, click here.


 1 ball pizza dough

1 packet pizza sauce (tomato-based)

1 packet pizza cheese

1 packet bacon

1 packet dusting flour

1 packet oil

Toblerone Chocolate Fondue Kit

Kids and adults alike love this famous dessert in our restaurant, and now you can have it at home! No need for fondue pot – we’ve tailored it for an average kitchen.

To see the instructions, please click here.


1 packet Toblerone chocolate fondue

1 tub homemade marshmallows

1 tub sponge cake

1 packet finishing salt

Fresh fruits

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