Pantry Essentials

These ingredients are the essential building blocks of a good dish. No short cuts, no instant mixes. To eat well, you’ve got to start with good ingredients. Start here. 

Made-From-Scratch Roasted Beef Stock P350/500ml (about 2 cups)

Made from scratch by roasting beef marrow bones. Use in your bolognese sauce or beef stews.

Made-From-Scratch Chicken Stock P300/500ml

Not your typical instant chicken broth. Made from scratch so you get the full-bodied stock that the essential base for soups, stews, pasta sauces, and more. Taste the difference in your cooking.

Made-From-Scratch Prawn Stock P350/500ml

Made from a lot of prawn heads! Fantastic for bisques, paella, risottos, and seafood sauces.

Made-From-Scratch Vegetable Stock P100/500ml

Sous-Vide Pork Chops, Thick-Cut approx 400g P635

Say goodbye to overcooked pork chops. Our hefty chops are sous-vide and only need a finishing sear. It’s cooking by color: sear until you like the color of the chops! Inside, the chops remain juicy and luscious. 

Pizza Dough 600g P180

Have fun making your own pizza without the hassle of making the dough. You even get the fun of rolling it out on your own (which is the fun part 🙂 ). You can buy the dough only, or buy our entire pizza kit. Good for 1 large pizza or 2 medium pizzas.

Flaky Pinkie’s Farm Butter Pie & Pastry Crust (single crust) P300

An easy fix to your pie cravings. Good for both savory and sweet pies.

Mesquite-Smoked Bacon (500g) P500

All-Natural Pork Tocino (500g) P450

Slow-Roasted Angus Beef Belly (300g) P750

Angus Tapa (Sukiyaki Cut, 500g) P750

Beef Teriyak (300g) P550

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