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Strawberry Crostata

We loved this recipe by Jeff Mauro from the Food Network. He uses strawberry jam instead of mixing sugar to level up the “strawberriness” of this crostata. And if that wasn’t enough, he serves it with, you guessed it, strawberry ice cream (in our case, Pinkie’s Farm Strawberrific Frozen Yogurt). Here’s the link to theContinue reading “Strawberry Crostata”

Shrimp Scampi With Orzo

Fearless Apron Ingredient: Made-From-Scratch Prawn Stock “It’s so good! Used one pack of Made-From-Scratch Prawn Stock which I’m sure made this extra tasty and made the orzo more orangey than the scampi in the NYT Cooking photo! And it’s so easy to make. Used Barilla Risoni from Santis. Super duper saraaap!!” That was the raveContinue reading “Shrimp Scampi With Orzo”

Reuben Kit Video

A happy customer loved our kit when it arrived and he made an unboxing video plus instructions! Thank you Stitch-In-Time Productions!

BLT Tacos By Melissa Clark

Fearless Apron Ingredient: Mesquite Bacon Riffing off the classic BLT, Melissa Clark of the New York Times creates the BLT Taco! Imagine the flavors of the BLT shining though without the distraction of bread. A warm toasted tortilla, tomatoes jazzed up into a salsa, and a spicy Chipotle-zinged mayonnaise brings the BLT to a newContinue reading “BLT Tacos By Melissa Clark”

Cooking 101: What’s The Difference Between Stock, Broth, and Bouillon?

Bouillon, broths, and stocks….3 things that a lot of people use interchangeably when they cook. But there are differences, and some are better for specific uses.VERY simply put, the differences are: 1. Stock – the liquid that remains after simmering meat, bones, and vegetables for a long time. More intense in flavor, especially if theContinue reading “Cooking 101: What’s The Difference Between Stock, Broth, and Bouillon?”


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