Cooking 101: What’s The Difference Between Stock, Broth, and Bouillon?


Bouillon, broths, and stocks….3 things that a lot of people use interchangeably when they cook. But there are differences, and some are better for specific uses.
VERY simply put, the differences are:

1. Stock – the liquid that remains after simmering meat, bones, and vegetables for a long time. More intense in flavor, especially if the bones are roasted first before simmering. Used as an ingredient for soups, risottos, stews.

2. Broth – less intense than stock and simmered for less time. Usually is eaten as a light soup.

3. Bouillon – technically similar to broth, BUT has now come to mean as a broth made from a bouillon cube, a processed, concentrated instant mix.

Forgive our bias, but we think that stocks (especially chicken and beef) are far superior in creating wondrous dishes that call for depth of flavor and complexity of tastes. Taste the difference between a stew made from a stock and a broth/bouillon and you’ll notice the “flatness” of the broth-based one. No wonder people call stocks “liquid gold”.

The bouillon cube is useful for convenience. It contains a lot of processed ingredients (our rule of thumb: if it’s hard to pronounce, don’t eat it) so be judicious. it also contains more sodium than stock (stocks usually have little or NO sodium) so it would be hard to control the level of saltiness.

That said, our stocks in our Pantry Essentials can be kept in the freezer for months, so instead of reaching for that cube, open the freezer and get your own “liquid gold”. Our stocks are made-from-scratch, all-natural, and roasted and simmered for HOURS. So you’re sure to get PLENTY of flavor.

Have a question? DM us and we’ll try our best to answer! 🙂 We’re here to promote home-cooking. Believe in your inner chef and start your cooking adventure today! #stopdoubtingstartcooking #yummyph #spotph #foodie #foodieph #homecooking #madefromscratch #noshortcuts #slowcooking #homecooks

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